Spurs Week 7

Manchester City


I don’t know if anyone watchs the Men In Blazers show on NBCSN but it’s pretty fun. Two Brit ex-pats with a deep love of America and a great sense of humor review the week. Keep an eye out for it.

Last weekend Arsenal destroyed Chelsea. I wish they had both lost but at least one of them was humiliated. The highlights are pretty sweet, but this play captured both teams perfectly:
N’Golo Kante, the heart of last year’s Leicester D was bought by Chelsea to be their new lynchpin. Ozil robs him of the ball, books it down field, and lets Sanchez cross up and then lose Luiz (50M# transfer) and Cahill, 1-2 and the flubbed volley for a goal off the post. The icing on the cake is that when Kante gets robbed, he’s next to the ref. The ref beats him back on defense. Not exactly commitment. Chelsea is in trouble.
A stat radar for Son’s last 3 games. Not shabby:

Author: DanielLevyLoveChild

Grew up in America and while everyone else played and watched hillbilly sports like basketball or American "football", as the ever contrarian I am, I instead decided to follow the world's greatest sport - "soccer." And logically the love of the sport found me becoming a fan of world's most professional and world class team; the Tottenham Hotspurs!

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