Spurs Tactics

A few comments

I still haven’t watched the CSKA game but I found some interesting articles last night about the team. They’re old but interesting, if a bit fan-boy-ish. The author also posts at Cartilage Free Captain and is a Spurs fan.
A breakdown of Poche’s tactics:
A friend sent me a long text yesterday that was a fair complaint about the quality of our finishing. He pondered how much better we would be with an Edson Cavani or Ibrahimavic type striker. Here’s a defense of Kane and what our system calls for from that role:
Here’s a breakdown of Erikson off-the-ball movement opening things up for Kane:
And, just for fun, an old article about a crazy passing-goal sequence from Poche’s first season at Tottenham where we strung together 48 consecutive passes before scoring:
And the video of it (turn off the sound): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLUlN9ih16o
A few comments about Kane. Two seasons ago Kane scored 21 goals in 35 league games. Last season he scored 25 goals in 38 league games. Aguero is the best central striker in the BPL and had 26 in 33 games and 24 in 30 games, so Kane’s not too far off that rate of return. Here’s the PL stats for the past few seasons.

Many have wondered he’s not scoring more. Except, he scores at a higher rate than he should. At the beginning of last season 538.com did an article about how he scored 19 non-penalty goals against an xG of 11.3, and that over-performance wasn’t sustainable. But he went out last season and did it again, albeit not 70% better than expected. He still scored 25% above his season xG. And he’s converting from his shots at a higher rate than would be expected if you swapped out another striker into the same situation.
This season, like the last two seasons, he’s started slow. Hopefully he will pick up. Hopefully Janssen puts a few in the back of the net and we have a team full of 10G/8A attackers. 70 goals on the season will get us in the Top 4. Conceding fewer than 40 will probably do the same.  We’re on pace for 63 scored and 19 conceded. And, we haven’t conceded a goal from open play yet (2 free kicks and a PK). That’s insane.
This Sunday we are home against Man City. City is the best club in the BPL, but they too have holes. And their best player–the best player in the BPL–Kevin De Bruyne is injured. I’ll get into the game later this week and write more.